Learning Together

Broaden your perspective. Try out something new!  Enhance the quality of your performances and your life.

So you think that circus is just a bunch of clowns packed into a car?  Physical Comedy and Circus is so much more Dynamic than that.

Explore an array of other performance skills such as juggling, breakdance, pantomime,  body percussion, clowning, acrobatics and more!

Come and try new things. No, we wont make you eat cow tongue or force you to go bungee jumping but we will have a really great time! You will expand as a performer and you just may discover something new that you love.  Hey maybe you will like cow tongue after all!  As you become a better performer, like the rockstar you are, we also encourage you to become a better friend and leader in your community by putting to practice valuable social skills that :

  • Not only make you look cool but feel cool too
  • Build your inner fun person, find your funny, and learn to bring joy to others
  • Build self confidence, strength and stage presence (on or off a stage)
  • Cultivate your ability to collaborate and engage with others
  • Develop thoughtful and attentive listening
  • Discover the power of learning while teaching
  • Discover the power of teaching while learning

Big Top Steel - a collaborative project of: