At Big Top Steel, respect is a fundamental principle. 
  • Respect yourself
  • Respect others
  • Don’t say or do things to others that you wouldn’t want said or done to you. Your words and actions carry a lot of weight
  • Respect the space you are in and the artists that work here.
  • Respect the teachers, volunteers, and staff that are responsible for you.
Your safety is a priority, always.    
We are regulated by law to report any inappropriate conduct. Breaking the rules and guidelines will result in you no longer being able to participate.
If you can’t be respectful of yourselves and others and those of us who are here and responsible for your safety, then you shouldn’t be here.
It is a privilege to be studying with this group, and we are privileged to work with you. Many people have worked really really hard to make this program happen.
We are all professionals here and have taken on a lot of responsibility to make this possible.
This is a pilot program, you all can make it or break it for future students.
We want your feedback on how to grow this program. At the end, we will ask you to help us build the next one and make it even more of what you want available to you.


We are here to have fun and to build a show, to grow as performers and people, as independent, competent, creative adults.   


At Big Top Steel, we advocate tolerance, respect, and positive communication at all times. Big Top Steel’s primary goal is ensuring a safe, fun, creative environment in which all members of the community may enjoy and learn physical and performing arts while strengthening commitment to the community.  Big Top Steel is committed to encouraging and sustaining a learning and work community that is free from prohibited discrimination and harassment. Big Top Steel prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, genetic information, or age in the administration of its programs and by any of its members, participants, volunteers, or staff.  Any individual who denies others the right to safe, respectful enjoyment of Big Top Steel/American Steel’s facilities and offerings may be denied access to the remaining part of the program.  In extreme cases an individual may be prohibited from entering American Steel Studios or participating in future programs indefinitely. Such prohibition will be at the sole discretion of Big Top Steel or our hostess facility American Steel Studios staff.

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