Our Philosophy

The first time we try something is the last time we can say “I’ve never done that”.  

The talents and experience that each of us bring, from the first timer to the professionals and seasoned performers, combine to create a rich and unique environment where everyone is encouraged to learn, build new skills, and enhance existing talents.  From the dancer who wants to present herself more professionally, to the juggler that wants to build his first show, or the comedian who wants to be a professional performer, we all teach and learn together.  Combined, our skill sets grow, our repertoire expands, and we all become teachers as well as students.

Discovery in self and expression is easier in a safe and relaxed environment with professional and accomplished performers who simply love to have fun.  This is a space for discovery, for joy, and development of interpersonal and professional skill sets.  Each of us is unique, and we offer the time and individual attention to develop each members personal skill sets (whether or not they know they have them) while building a cohesive show.

Our program opens with a conversation around students individual desired learning outcomes and personal level of experience. Wherever you are, we meet you there.  Wherever you want to go, we try and help you get there and beyond.  All levels of experience are welcome, and teaching is tailored so each student is met with an appropriate level of challenge and their contributions are valued.  Personal learning goals are set, trust is established as a unit, and each individual artist gets to grow both individually and as troupe.  Small class sizes combined with professional performers means that each student can receive the attention and support they need to grow as a performer.  We encourage youth leadership and have a cooperative teaching model where students will get to take the lead in various exercises, learning from and mentoring each other.

Big Top Steel has a dedication to community building and service learning.  Students will collaborate to build a show of their own creation and will perform throughout the greater community. Whether this is in union square or in a hospital, students will get to discover the healing power of laughter and the unique ability each of us has to make the world a better place.

This is not a summer camp. This is professional training and we know each student can live up to the challenge.  

Big Top Steel - a collaborative project of: