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Big Top Steel is a collaborative project between organizations, businesses, non profits, and the dedicated individuals who make them up. Massive Thanks to Clowns Without Borders, American Steel Studios, American Clothing Experiment, and Prescott Circus Theatre for making this possible

Oakland Teens deserve the opportunity to showcase and develop their talents.  They can do this with your support.  Whatever it is that you want to do to help support this project, that gift will help provide opportunity for all teens, regardless of income, neighborhood, or experience.

Together, they can build something they give back to their community.

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Many great opportunities exist for you to jump right in!!

  • Want to help book a show or have an opportunity for Big Top Steel to perform?
  • Do you have experience producing performances?
  • Can you help with food?
  • Do you have materials/ costumes/instruments that you want to donate?
  • Want to learn about our partner groups and the good they do in the world?

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Call : 510.544.9625

Our Teens are as smart, capable, strong, and creative as we allow them to be.  Show that you believe in them.

Big Top Steel - a collaborative project of: